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USC vs. Cal, PAC-12 Women’s Volleyball

Note From The Editor: East L.A. Sports Scene’s first-ever production of NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball begins on this date, here at USC. On the team’s “Senior Appreciation Night, ”  we embarked on coverage of the nationally ranked (8th), Women of Troy, including a special emphasis on it’s freshman sensation, Samantha Bricio.  She is a native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and currently one of the leading players on the team. Due to her all-around excellent play throughout this season, she has developed a large fan-base and is also a recipient of several Freshman/Player of the Week recognitions in the PAC 12 conference. In this very first look at her via the highlight reel and an “up-close and personal” post-game interview, we invite you to view and appreciate her amazing athletic and court skills as the team closes out its home season play, against the University of California Golden Bears. The Women of Troy  are victorious in this close match, winning by scores of 25-21, (2nd set) 29-27, (4th set) and 15-11 (5th set). The Trojans were defeated by scores of 25-23 in the first set and 25-18 in the 3rd. Final PAC 12 conference matches with Oregon St. and UCLA still remain before the Regionals of the National Tournament begin at the end of November. Production plans are to follow the team and Samantha as far as possible into the post-season tournaments. Rico Cabrera, Sr./Editor, EastLASportsScene.Com

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