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Trending Stories: LA City Section, CCCAA-JR. College Sports, & ‘The Alliance, L.A.’

More Coverage Forthcoming When Made Available

(East Los Angeles, CA.) —[July 29, 2020]: We are bringing you more coverage of three trending stories and events that we believe you would like to have more information about. Two of these events required extreme and strategic oversight planning from their respective Educational Executive Boards, with the high hopes that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will show us that it has been brought under control for the ongoing health and safety of all students who would also become active sports participants in their return to classes this Fall.

The first is, what will High School sports in the L.A. City Section (L.A. Unified School District) look like in the upcoming school year, 2020-2021? The Section has already published what its plan/calendar will offer student-athletes competing for the regular, but now displaced, Fall sports of Football, Boys & Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Cross-Country, Boys & Girls Water Polo and Traditional Competitive Cheer. If you are an interested community member, student-athlete, or parent, to see the full Press Release and the sports calendar of events, we advise you to take a closer look here. Should you be interested in reading the State’s CIF Press Statement regarding this topicclick here.

The second….what will the California Community Colleges Athletic Association, (CCCAA), offer those student-athletes for their Fall sports programs? To learn more about their contingency plan, click here. We are obviously, and specifically focusing on the East L.A. College (ELAC) “Huskies” programs. If you are a student-athlete looking to enroll for the Fall, or a parent, we advise you to take a close look at ELAC’s own website for additional news regarding what sports they will be offering during this difficult time. To see their plans, please click here.

Our third story that bears another serious viewing is the LA ’84 Foundation’s  establishment of the Play Equity Fund. To see what they are all about in expanding and promoting their youth programs, click hereA 501(c)3 public charity, the Fund was designed to drive social change across communities through sport. It is the only non-profit organization worldwide dedicated to Play Equity as a Social Justice issue to bring the transformative power of sport and structured play to youth–regardless of their race, socio-economic status, or gender–who have been left behind by the current system.

And, to complete this new outreach endeavor, in conjunction, and with a unique (5) year partnership commitment to the LA ’84 Foundation, ‘The Alliance, Los Angeles’, was created in an innovative collaboration with the (11) Southern California Professional Sports teams. Together, they have now forged a solid, unprecedented grouping, designed to promote a greater Social Justice awareness and inclusion movement in the world of All-Sports. To learn more about this new and L.A.-Based, exciting youth-centered program, click here.

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