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[Photo Gallery] Franklin’s Bad Start Proves Costly In Title Game | LACS Finals

2019 High School Football Season A Huge Success Thanks To Our Affiliation With NFHSNetwork.Com

(El Camino College, Torrance, CA.)—[Site of ALL 2019 CIF/L.A. City Section Championship Games]-Franklin Panthers vs. Canoga Park Hunters, L.A. City Section, Division II Final, 11/30/19 @ 2:30 pm.

Note From The Editor: For All of our high school football fans and followers, we present you with our final game content of the 2019 season. We hope you’ve enjoyed our dedicated, and just plain hard-work in producing all of these games for your viewing pleasure. We ask only that you like and share our content/productions and our social media postings with as many of your friends and families as possible. Thanks again on behalf of all of our Staff here at East L.A. Sports Scene Productions, as we look forward to another outstanding season in 2020.

Photo Gallery Credits: Javier Perez, Digital PhotographerEast L.A. Sports Scene Productions, Student Intern, Cal State Dominguez Hills

(Game Summary): [1st Qtr] – Franklin won the coin toss and chose to receive. They returned it to their 35 yd. line where they started their first drive. #11/QB/SR/Alfred Bobadilla managed a couple first downs on the ground. He then hooked-up with #23/WR/SR/Vince Escobar for a big gain to the Hunters 9 yd. line for a first & “goal-to-go.” However, the “red-zone” drive broke down and resulted in a 27 yd. field goal attempt by #19/PK/SR/Mauricio Zuluaga, but it failed, due to an apparent partial block.

Canoga took over with 10:21 left in the period. On the first carry from scrimmage by #24/RB/JR/Jorge Hernandez, it went for 18 yds. The Hunters running game was powered by Hernandez who produced several first downs on their opening drive on 5 straight carries. Then, Franklin was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The ball was then spotted at the 14 yd. line. Finally at the 6:12 mark, Hernandez packed it in for the first score of the game. Their PAT was good for the score of  Canoga Park  7  Franklin 0.

The kick-off was returned to the 21 yd. line for the Panthers second possession of the game. However, this time their “Air Attack” stalled and brought up fourth down. It appeared that Bobadilla’s punt was partially blocked and resulted in a net of just 10 yds. Canoga then took over in great field positioat the Franklin 39 yd. line. Then the Hunters electrified their crowd when on a flanker reverse, #2/WR/SR/Joshua Christopher swept around his left end for an open field TD run. This came at the 3:23 mark. The PAT was good, and the score moved to Canoga Park  14,  Franklin  0

After the kick-off return, the ball was spotted at the Panthers 32 yd. line for their  third possession of the game. Bobadilla started this drive with runs by Kris Johnson, that resulted in a couple of first downs. Then on two straight QB run options, Bobadilla drove the team down to the Canoga 30 yd. line. A time-out was then taken by the Panthers with :21 seconds left in the period. Bobadilla then was sacked by #7/DE/SR/Hector Gutierrez, thwarting the Panthers momentum.

(2nd Qtr): Franklin then turned the ball over on downs via an incomplete pass at midfield. Canoga’s next possession started from their 39 yd. line. #12/QB/SR/David Gomez on a run option play picked up 15 yds. down to the Panthers 46 yd. line. Then Gomez found his talented #1/WR/SO/Dominic Arango-Serna for another big catch & run, first down gain of 21 yds.  Then RB/Jorge Hernandez broke over this left tackle for a first down run. On his next carry he rolled into the end zone for a 14 yd. scoring run. This moved the score to (21-0) in favor of the Hunters.

On the following kick-off, Franklin took the ball to start their next drive on their 20 yd. line. After several passes from Bobadilla to his WRs, they earned first downs with short “down & outs.” At the 8:15 mark left in the half, a first down was earned on the Canoga 28 yd. line. But, unexpected drops by the WRs stalled their momentum. On the next snap, Bobadilla was hurried and then sacked by #24/LB/Jorge Hernandez, bringing up fourth down.

A change of possession came for Canoga at the 6:56 left in the half. In mixing up the run attack, QB/Gomez and RB/Hernandez pushed the ball into Panther territory. Next, a pass from Gomez to #3/TE/SR/Jacob Perez resulted in a first down on the 30 yd. line. A personal foul penalty on the Hunters drove the ball the ball back to their 47 yd. line. Gomez found his WR short routes to be appealing and used them well. On an option call, he rushed to the 29 yd. line for a near first down. This brought up a fourth & 10. A time-out was then called by Canoga. Then on a screen pass to Joshua Christopher, he made the catch and broke loose from ankle tackles by two defenders and then scampered in to the end zone for their fourth TD of the half. The score was now (28-0), Canoga.

On the kick-off, Franklin started from their own 20 yd. line. A deep pass went incomplete. Then at the :36 second mark, on an unforced fumble by the Panthers, the Hunters recovered at the 32 yd. line. With :08 seconds left, Canoga attempted a 39 yd. field goal, but it was unsuccessful.

HALFTIME SCORE: Canoga Park  28  Franklin  0

(3rd Qtr): Canoga took the kick-off and  started at their 31 yd. line. Gomez then made his first mistake on a “down & out” pattern to his WR, when it sailed right into the hands of #20/DB/Brian Pelayo who got credit for a “Pick 6.” Zuluaga’s PAT was perfect, (28-7), Canoga.

On the ensuing kick-off, Joshua Christopher made a great run back from his 30 to the Panthers 35 yd. line. After their quick score brought the Franklin faithful to their feet, they resurged with chants of “defense, defense” to spur on their team. And they did. The Hunters missed their 4th down conversion.

The Panthers then took over and Bobadilla found his WR/Escobar in the middle of the field for a 45 yd. long gainer. The ball was then spotted on the Hunters 30 yd. line. After a 10 yd loss, Bobadilla struck pay-dirt with a 32 yd. TD pass to #2/WR/Christopher Quijada which pumped up their fans as the score was closed to (28-13). Zuluaga missed a rare PAT try.

After the kick-off, Canoga started on their 25 yd. line. Momentum and urgency were apparent as the Panther defense grew stronger, producing another “3 & out.” On the punt, #21/WR/SR/Abel Reyes made a great reverse field runback. On the play, there was a major penalty assessed to Canoga for an illegal block. This gave the Panthers ideal field position to start a new drive at their 45 yd. line. Then, Bobadilla stayed in the pocket and found #23 Escobar on a post pattern, unguarded. He bobbled it once then hauled it in for the 32 TD with :44 seconds left in the third. The Zuluaga PAT was good. The score now was Canoga Park  28  Franklin  20.

On the kick-off, the Hunters started from their own 42 yd. line, but the clock then ran out to end the period.

(4th Qtr):  Canoga Park started with a second and five. Then #12/OLB/SR/Hugo Escobedo earned a sack on QB Gomez. It was now third & 11, thanks to the “one-man” wrecking crew and sackmaster’s strong efforts. He earned another sack on QB Gomez on this crucial play. It resulted in a very short punt by Canoga that gave the ball back to the re-awakened Franklin offense, led by Bobadilla as they started their drive from their 45. With 8:20 remaining, Bobadilla then showed his option skills with a 20 yd. scramble. A timing route resulted in a pass interference call on the Hunters, Franklin ball at the 13 yd. line. Then, #26/RB/Angelo Vera avoided a loss in the backfield when he broke the grasp of the tackler and earned a couple of yards on the carry. On the next play, the Franklin fans oohed with disappointment as #3/WR/SR/Chris Jauregui couldn’t handle a pass in the end zone. However, the next play, a fourth & goal defensive holding call was called against the Hunters. A time-out was then taken by Canoga. On the crucial next play, Bobadilla threw an incomplete pass in the end zone. Canoga took over on downs at their 12 yd. line with 7:56 left. They couldn’t advance the ball on this series and were forced to punt on a “3 & out.”

With 4th down, the Panthers broke through for a blocked punt, putting the ball on the Canoga 6 yd. line. A shovel pass to #3/Jauregui took them to the 2 yd. line. But, on the next play, Bobadilla was stripped of the ball on his plunge into the end zone. Canoga then took over at the 3 yd. line with 3:35 left in the game.

On a blast up the middle, Hunters’ RB Hernandez broke through the line and was off to the races, but fortunately for the Panthers, he was caught from behind at the 50 yd. line by #16/CB/SR/William Samoyoa, who stripped him with a textbook swipe and the Panthers then recovered the ball and ran it back to their own 30 yd. line, with 2:18 remaining. With a chance to tie the game riding on this possession, (with a TD and a 2 point conversion), the Panthers failed to earn the most critically needed first down, and with 1:32 left, surrendered the ball to Canoga. The Hunters then went into a victory formation for their final snaps of the game.

FINAL SCORE: Canoga Park 28  Franklin  20.

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